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pcc buildingBased in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, Plastic Composites, PCC™, provides you with a broad range of fiberglass and advanced composite products that meet or exceed specifications. Founded in 1957 PCC, known originally as Maritime Plastics Inc, began manufacturing composite boat hulls, masts and booms. In 1959 PCC began working with Mobile Aerial Towers, Inc to produce the first insulated upper boom and later the first insulated lower, these became the booms for the Hi-Ranger. PCC continued to produce and repair all composite parts for Mobile Aerial Tower/Hi-Ranger for 33 years before Telelect bought Hi-Ranger. Since then, PCC has been manufacturing replacement buckets, booms, liners and accessories for the entire aerial tower aftermarket. No company has more experience manufacturing replacement fiberglass and plastic parts for nearly all makes and models of lift trucks and aerial towers. Each bucket, boom, and liner passes ANSI 92.2 standards before shipment. PCC uses cross-woven fiberglass fabric for superior structural strength in a wide selection of products to support the;

  • bucket trucktree care industry;
  • electrical utilities;
  • on and off road specialty vehicles;
  • building products;
  • corrosion resistant products;
  • and many more.

Examples of our products include:

  • all-fiberglass interiors and roof for ambulances;
  • over-the-road truck caps, including new caps combining high-end sleeping quarters and air dams for refrigerator boxes;
  • customized motorcycles parts;
  • NEMA 4X electrical cabinets and support stands;
  • fire-proof/smoke-suppressed telecom vaults;
  • waste water treatment baffles;
  • high-point, low-point vaults for jet fuel supply systems;
  • Class A fire rated, smoke-suppressed wall panel systems;
  • low price point virtually leak-proof skylights;
  • exterior entry door system components;
  • fire-rated fiberglass door systems;
  • Fiberglass Light posts;
  • Dielectrically safe personal manlift conversions
  • just to name a few.

PCC's capabilities & services:

  • Hand layup
  • Spray up
  • Vacuum molding
  • RTM lite
  • Cold press molding
  • In house mold shop
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