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Higher material standards = Increased quality and longevity
We produce parts up to one hundred fifty square feet with thickness ranging from .125 to .250 based on customer specifications. Current manufacturing processes include hand lay-up, open molding and RTM (Resin Transfer Molding).

Jet Fuel system

High point pits for jet fuel delivery systems at airports
refrigerator truck

Our new aerodynamic custom cap for use with refrigerated "reefer" trucks; aerodynamically shields the refrigerator unit, this unit is a Thermo King refrigerator.
RV Parts

Recreational Vehicle Parts

Our product line includes:
Recreational Vehicle Parts • Marine Hatches and Doors • Aerial Tower Parts
Composite Countertops • Specialty vehicles • Corrosion resistant products
Building products

High point pot

A high point pot showing the greater interior volume relative to comparable pits and the gas spring activated aluminum covers.


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